Oil and gas specialist



Ohio has seen a renewed interest in oil and natural gas activity, largely in part due to two Ohio shale plays - the Marcellus Shale and the Utica Shale.  Currently, Marcellus Shale play in Ohio is not economically viable; however, Utica Shale is viable and expanding through out Ohio.  A recent study done by the National Association of Manufactures (NAM) states that shale gas production benefits the nation's economy by providing lower energy and feedstock costs and driving the demand for certain chemical, industrial and mechanical products.  The report's executive  summary states that U.S. Manufacturing "could employ one million more workers by 2025 due to affordable energy (shale gas) and demand for products used to extract the gas."   The concept of increased work force, cottage industries created to supply the exploration and extraction of shale gas, along with the increased economic vigor, has proven true in Ohio.  Carroll County has noticed huge economic growth.  Further, a recent articles in the Tribune Chronicle and the Vindicator echos that speculation.